Bear Bear


Bear Bear
Beatrice Bear (younger sister)
Mr. Bear (father)
Dr. Bear (mother)
Bear's Cousin (cousin)
Voice actors
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Bear is the best friend of Franklin Turtle, oldest child of Mr. Bear and Dr. Bear, and big brother of Beatrice Bear, He is a dark brown Grizzly or Kodiak bear who often wears a blue vest. Like Franklin, he has parents who are not siblings but of different families (along with Beaver, Rabbit, Fox and Goose.) Both his parents share about the same age and same number of years old, and both sides of his family share the same culture, and religion as both Scottish, like the sides of Franklin's family. But while Franklin, Bear and all of the friends in Woodland with non-sibling parents have only a grandmother on their father's side. He and the others except Franklin have only a grandfather on their mother's side as the grandmother on the mother's side died of natural causes before they were born. While Franklin's grandfather on his father's side is alive when Franklin was born and died sometime later, Bear and the others' grandfather on their father's side died before their parents were married. But both the aunt and uncle on the mother's side are married twin siblings and have a child.


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