Goose Goose


Goose Goose
Mr. Goose (father)
Mrs. Goose (mother)
Goose's little brother (brother)
Granny Goose (paternal grandmother)
Grandpa Goose (maternal grandfather)
Goose's Aunt (maternal aunt)
Goose's Uncle (maternal uncle)
Giselle (maternal cousin)
Voice actors
Olivia Garratt (seasons 1 to 5)
Vivien Endicott-Douglas (season 6, Back to School with Franklin)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Goose (full name possibly Goose Gooose) is a Canadian goose that is friends with Franklin. She is the best diver among Franklin's friends. She is shy and outgoing but easily startled.

Franklin learns a bit more about Goose and her family when he attends her family's migration party. She is scared of cellars just like Franklin. Goose tends to like jewelry and has been seen wearing or holding diamonds or gold in several episodes. Goose has a little brother who wears glasses, a character that has only appeared once in the series to date. She is one of the few residents in Woodland to have parents that are not siblings and have different families, like Franklin, Bear, Beaver and Rabbit.

Unlike Franklin and like the others, she has only the grandmother on her father's side. And her grandmother on her mother's side is dead and only her grandfather on her mother's side is still alive. Her family (consisting of her mother and father, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, maternal aunt, maternal uncle, and maternal cousin) was shown in Franklin Migrates.


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