Grandpa Goose


Grandpa Goose (TV series)
Grampy Goose (Franklin Celebrates book)
Great Uncle Goosebert Goose (older brother)
Mrs. Goose (daughter)
Goose's Aunt (daughter)
Goose's Uncle (son)
Giselle (granddaughter)
Goose (granddaughter)
Goose's little brother (grandson)
Voice actors
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Grandpa Goose or Grampy Goose in the Franklin Celebrates book is Goose's grandpa on her mother's side. His first name is unknown. He is very old and wears glasses. In the TV series, he wears a shirt and some pants and suspenders. But in the book Franklin Celebrates, he wears a vest with blue and green stripes and a necktie. He is very old and his feathers are all a lighter, grayer color than the younger geese and he has wrinkles on his beak and bags and wrinkles under his eyes and wrinkles on his forehead above his eyes. Granny Goose is about the same age as her. He is a widower for indeed, Goose's grandma on her mother's side is not shown and she died (probably of natural causes) sometimes after Goose’s grandfather on his father’s side died and before his daughter Mrs. Goose married Mr. Goose. It would be that he has parents who are married twin siblings. Great Uncle Goosebert would be his older brother. He and his daughter, twin daughter and son, ex-son-in-law or daughter's ex-husband, ex-son-in-law or daughter's ex-husband's mother and two granddaughters celebrate Migration together.

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